Astrocloset founder, Greg MihalikHistory of Astroclosets

The founder of Astroclosets, Greg Mihalik, has been building things most of his life, from the typical childhood pursuits of constructing forts, go-carts, rafts, cabins, etc., through a thirty year career as a licensed general contractor/home builder.

Lifelong interests in rocketry and astronomy finally led him to take a workshop in telescope making from the esteemed sidewalk astronomer, John Dobson.  “He is an extraordinary man, with a remarkable mindset”, said Greg,”his thought process seemed unencumbered by preconceptions or general assumptions.  His idea to simplify the telescope mount has revolutionized amateur astronomy in our lifetime.  We are unabashedly  inspired by his premise to simplify, and intend to do this in the area of observational platforms.”

Build a smaller building, buy a bigger scope!  Less environmental and visual impact, easy to install, easy to relocate.

Astroclosets is located in Portland, Oregon.  Our mailing address is: 3604 S.E. Schiller St., Portland, OR 97202;  Email is; and our phone is 503-819-2519.