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Made from strong .040 gauge aluminum, the Astrocloset is a movable, self-contained unit that mounts on fixed lock-down rails, to allow easy access to your telescope.  Lock-down Rails should be ordered separately.  The Astrocloset can also be used as a stationary structure for a movable scope.


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The Astrocloset is now offered in two basic production models. Taller and larger units can be custom-ordered.

The 4′ model has a 46″ x 54″ exterior footprint and measures 44″ x 52″ inside.  The 36″ x 85″ door is mounted on the 46″ side of the unit. and has a clear opening of 34-1/2″ x 84″.

The 5′ model has a 58″ x 60″ exterior footprint and measures 56″ x 58″ inside.  The 48″ x 85″ double doors are mounted on the shorter side of the unit, and has a clear opening of 46- 1/2″ x 84″.

Your telescope will have to fit through the door opening as the building is retracted.  Also, you must be able to reach past your scope to unlock the rear corners of the Astrocloset before it is retracted.  Large dobs take up the most space, and may require the larger unit for more “elbow room”.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 54 × 96 in

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